Globe Guard Packaging – the green packaging solution for subscription and sampling programs

17 Jul 2012 Globe Guard Packaging – the green packaging solution for subscription and sampling programs

Subscription programs continue to be the rage and we are often amazed at the wide variety and creativity of the products our customers are shipping out to their subscribers. Here are a couple of examples of new projects we have helped to successfully launch:

Penny Bauder, the owner and founder of this unique company enjoys creating great “green” art projects for kids of all ages. Subscribers receive a new project every month that is sure to keep the little ones busy and stimulate their artistic and creative sides.

Penny decided to use our stock 9-6-2 top tuck corrugated mailer box that is actually 9” X 6-1/2” X 2-3/4” high. We helped her develop her artwork and design and it printed beautifully in green, providing the look and branding she wanted.

Green Kid Crafts also holds one other distinction; they are our first customer in Alaska. Thanks to Penny and Green Kid Crafts, we are proud to say that we have now shipped Globe Guard® brand green packaging products into all 50 states.

The word “Yuzen” refers to beautiful patterns on Japanese silk and more recently to intricate, Japanese paper designs. It is that same feeling of luxuriousness that husband and wife, co-creators Jen Vaughan and Ted Ning strive for with their subscription program. Ted is also Executive Director of LOHAS providing Yuzen with a relationship with some of the best green companies in America. Their goal is to provide exceptional value by providing higher quality, full or premium size samples to their subscribers.

For shipping, Ted and Jen selected our very popular stock 7-7-2 top tuck mailer (actual size – 7-1/8” X 7” X 2-1/4”) and they created a unique and beautiful art design which is consistent with the objectives and their image. They also choose an unusual turquoise blue as their ink color which quite frankly I was a bit unsure about. The end result however was perfect as I am sure you will agree.

Why Many Packaging Companies Don’t Custom Print Boxes

Some of the largest internet and catalog companies in the industry refuse to do custom printed boxes because quite frankly it takes time and their business model is based on a large volume of quick, simple orders for stock products. No variations, no exceptions and absolutely no creativity.

In addition, custom printing takes a degree of expertise to know where the potential problems and pitfalls are and help our customers avoid them. To put it bluntly, if done incorrectly, a custom printed job can be a disaster and result in a very unhappy customer. We have the experience to make sure customers are not only satisfied; they are actually thrilled with their new, custom printed, custom branded boxes.

Every custom printed project we work on including the two above take time to develop and a good deal of expertise, but we are very proud of the packaging we help to create for our customers. Custom printed boxes are affordable and easy to accomplish if you select the right partner to help you get them done.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging for a free analysis of your custom printed packaging project.

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