Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer Brings Order to Warehouse Chaos

02 Dec 2011 Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer Brings Order to Warehouse Chaos

Before the GGRBS is used


Decades ago, when I first entered the warehousing and distribution industry, one of the very first things I was taught is that it does not cost much to keep stored product “in good order.” On the other hand, not keeping inventory in neat, organized condition can prove very costly in the form of picking mistakes, damage, lost product and even pilferage. In addition, when boxes on shelves look good, the entire warehouse appears cleaner and better managed.

The Easiest Warehouse Solution – Case Closed

After the GGRBS is used


Our Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer (GGRBS) is simply designed to easily keep boxes closed. This not only keeps box contents clean, but it also helps maintain inventory in a neater, more organized state, as the photos above and at right show.

The GGRBS holds box flaps in a closed position, and that makes a world of difference to the casual or critical eye. It can eliminate that last-minute panic and flurry of housekeeping when an unexpected customer or manager visits the facility.

A Green Packaging Solution from Globe Guard®

Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer


What makes the GGRBS green is its unique ability to preserve contents of any standard RSC style box while permitting repeated access to them. Because it eliminates quarter folding or taping, it also improves the likelihood the box will be reused for longer periods of time. Consider the time and money this can potentially save and you will agree, keeping stock on shelves looking good is just one of many benefits the GGRBS provides.

You can learn more about the Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer and other reusable solutions on our newest web site: It is a stock item on our Globe Guard web store, and, of course, we encourage you to contact Salazar Packaging with any question you may have.

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