Posted on October 21, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Globe Guard Paper Mailer Envelopes – Now Reusable!

Reusable packaging in every form is more popular than ever, and now our paper mailers are reusable too. These heavy duty paper mailers are available gussetted and custom printed but now they can also be manufactured to be easily used a second time.

Why Globe Guard Paper Mailers?

For green minded customers who will not accept plastic products, Globe Guard 50% recycled content paper mailers have been a very effective way to mail or ship relatively flat products such as books, photos, etc. The gussetted, three-dimensional mailer envelopes are ideal for thicker, bulky soft goods like tee shirts and reusable bags.

Even though they are paper, they offer enough water resistance for most applications and are strong enough to hold up through USPS, FedEx or UPS shipping.

Reduce Cost and Reduce Waste with the Globe Guard Reusable Paper Mailer

Reusable mailers are now popular because they can easily be used more than once. They are ideal for round trip (two way) fulfillment of samples, replacement parts, exchanges, returns, documents, etc. It is not only economical; it is also very green because it eliminates the need for a second mailer.

Close up of reusable mailer

The photo above shows the extended closing flap that has two adhesive strips and a tear strip in between the two. That lower adhesive strip makes it easy for the user to securely seal the mailer for the first use. When the mailer is opened by the recipient, it exposes the second (upper) adhesive strip that can now be used for a second or return shipment.

Even though we have a long list of stock flat and gussetted mailers on our web store, please remember that almost every product we offer, including Globe Guard paper mailers, can be made to order to include unique sizes, custom printing and now the reusable option.

As always, when in doubt, call us. We are always eager to talk about your specific need and application.