Globe Guard® Eco Mailer Box™ – Save money, reduce waste and make customers happy!

30 Jan 2014 Globe Guard® Eco Mailer Box™ – Save money, reduce waste and make customers happy!

Rigid gift box in Eco MailerShippers prefer to use a tight fitting mailer box because they protect the product being shipped by immobilizing it and the tight fit can also eliminate cushioning or other packaging materials.

However, when the product being shipped is a stiff wall gift box, hard case or rigid wall decorative container, the typical snug fitting front lock or top tuck mailer box can make getting the product out of the shipper, difficult. The consumer is faced with either destroying the shipper, or turning the box upside down so the snug fitting product can fall out. Is that really the impression you want to make? If the product falls and is damaged, who gets the blame and has to replace the damaged product?

Eco Mailer Box™ Enhances Customer Delight

This unusual design we offer is constructed in such a way that when the box is opened, the rear panels also relax and open up, making it easy to remove the box of candy, gift box, eye glass case or other rigid container being shipped. No instructions are necessary, the way the box works and benefits for the recipient are obvious and appreciated by anyone who has ever had to physically “extract” the product they have been waiting for from an uncooperative and unrelenting shipper box. We have all been there!

Shaking out the contentsEco Mailer Box™ Benefits to the Shipper

Some companies might be willing to spend more to make the customers’ initial experience a positive one, but the Eco Mailer Box actually costs less compared to most top tuck and front lock mailers because it typically consumes 20 to 30% less corrugated board making it ECO-nomical as well as ECO-friendly.

Keep in mind when the mailer box blank is smaller, it is also less expensive to ship (inbound and outbound) and less expensive to store because it takes up less space on your shelf or in your truck. It offers all of the advantages of a standard die cut mailer and then some.

Can the Eco Mailer Box ™ Reduce Your Packaging Costs?

Yes, and it can probably also help you reduce your carbon footprint and make your customers just a little bit happier. Unless you are shipping loose items (example – a box of marbles) a self-opening box is probably advantageous.

Redesigning your box may also be a great time to brand your packaging, or replace costly labels with attractive, cost effective printing on the inside and/or outside of your mailer box.

Contact Salazar Packaging or Globe Guard Products or call us at 630-551-1700 for a confidential application review. Chances are we can help you improve your packaging at a lower costs and with a greener product. Isn’t that great for the triple bottom line?

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