Globe Guard® Die Cut Corrugated Mailers featured in Professional Photographer Magazine!

12 Jan 2012 Globe Guard® Die Cut Corrugated Mailers featured in Professional Photographer Magazine!

Professional Photographer magazineWe were very pleased when we found out some of our products would be featured in a leading photographic magazine because we never designed them to be photogenic. Though, after we saw our boxes in this month’s issue, we have to agree our boxes look great. Please read Robyn L. Pollman’s article,”Green ‘n’ Groovy,” on page 80.

A die cut mailer with a past

Our stock 11.125”X8.625”X1” is one of the first mailers we created and it was really made for our own internal use to ship out our stock 100% (PCW) recycled content eco-friendly labels. We needed something that could accommodate the 8.5”X11” sheets of labels and protect them from bending. We all know how bent paper runs through laser or ink jets printers, right? When we could not find anything strong and green enough, we decide to make our own.

Specialty printing papers ship safe and secure


We soon discovered that our customers also had similar size products that they, too, were eager to protect. Products such as magazines, books and photographs, hence the interest by the photographic community. This mailer is also a great and unique mailer for soft goods such as tee shirts, golf shirts, infant clothes and even custom-printed reusable bags.

It soon became one of our most popular items, and our customers continue to find new uses for this versatile product.

How to make it your own?

Globe Guard® mailer ideal for branded reusable bags


The thing that makes this such an ideal product for branding is how easily it can be custom printed with large billboard areas on the front, inside and even on the spine. Just like all of our other stock mailers, this can quickly be custom printed with no die costs and only an inexpensive, one-time plate charge.

We make the process easy, inexpensive and quick. We should also mention that this is an incredibly green item because it is 100% recycled content, 100% recyclable after use and it also happens to be strong enough for multiple, repeated uses and/or for storage.

Please contact us if you have any questions on any of our Globe Guard® stock mailers or if you do not see exactly what you need. We can’t promise you a layout in Professional Photographer magazine, but we can assure you your product is likely to arrive safely and undamaged.

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