Posted on November 12, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Globe Guard Adds New Packing Paper Items to Product Line

4 New Packing Paper Items Now In Stock

4 New Packing Paper Items Now In Stock

If you are a regular reader you know we enjoy talking about the importance of being “eco obvious” and packaging papers enjoy one of the highest “eco obvious” ratings, probably only second to molded pulp packaging products. For a product to be eco obvious, it should be easily recognizable by consumers as being eco friendly.

The Globe Guard Packing Paper Line Up

Our industry-first Globe Guard Green Packaging Store opened with four basic types of paper for interleaving, wrapping, cushioning and void fill applications:

  • 24” 40# recycled Kraft rolls
  • 24” 50# recycled grey bogus rolls
  • 24” 60# recycled indented Kraft rolls
  • 20” X 30” recycled industrial tissue sheets

Then much like our initial stock box sizes which quickly grew from a dozen sizes to over thirty because customers told us what they needed, our papers have also expanded due to customer input and guidance.

One New Paper Type and Two New Packing Paper Put Ups

Here are a few new packing paper products we have added to our store:

  • 24” 30# newsprint rolls
  • 36” 40# recycled Kraft rolls
  • 36” 60# recycled indented Kraft rolls

Packing Paper Dispensers

36 inch paper cutterWe have always stocked a 24” table top dispenser that makes using rolls of paper very easy and efficient. Now we have added a 36” wide packing paper dispenser as well.

If you do not see the paper dispensing system you want, please ask us.

For example, a customer recently inquired about a wall mounted unit and yes, we have those available as well. We even offer a multi roll, portable floor standing unit, mounted on casters. It is ideal for customers who use multiple types of paper or perhaps even multiple sizes. It eliminates waste and always ensures the right size and type of paper product is readily available to your packers.

Even though we offer a wide variety of void fill solutions, paper remains popular because it is so eco obvious, even to the greenest minded customer. By adding these new paper sizes and types to our inventory and when combined with our numerous other void fill and cushioning products, we can confidently claim to have the widest assortment of green packaging products available anywhere.

For a free application analysis, please contact us and we are always glad to provide you samples for testing and your review.

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