Posted on June 30, 2008 by Dennis Salazar

Five Reasons Why Green is Here to Stay

Reason #1 -This environmental interest is generational.
We baby boomers generally have some mild eco interest; the Gen X population is much more involved and concerned, while the Gen Y age group is downright passionate about it. Combined this fact with the green initiatives by big business and the corporate world, and understand we are witnessing a dramatic, decisive and irreversible trend, not a passing fad.

Reason #2 – This Environmental concern impacts everyone’s business.
As the eco conscience population grows at an unprecedented rate, understand that your company, your products and even the way you do business are being scrutinized by the people and companies with whom you hope to do business. They will always choose to do business with companies that are green versus those who are not. Today, green is rapidly becoming the ultimate tie breaker in business.

Reason #3 – Everyone is a consumer and consumers want green.
Numerous recent surveys indicate that over half of all consumers will factor in the sustainability and earth friendliness of a product or service when they make a purchasing decision. Take a look at what the largest companies are doing in an effort to capture their share of the green market and you will understand why they are so eager to go green.

Reason #4 – Going green adds to the bottom line.
The same large companies I mentioned above already have learned that going green can dramatically reduce material, operational, freight and even labor costs. They may be doing the right thing for the right reasons but increasing profitability is the best reason of all.

Reason #5 – Innovation is leading the way.
Manufacturers of consumer products and of packaging materials are creating more eco friendly products and process enhancements on an almost daily basis. Watch a few minutes of television or surf the internet and you will see many companies touting their latest developments and response to this market’s demands. You can be sure these innovations are never going to revert to their inefficient and eco irresponsible versions.

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