Eco Obvious – Green and Proud of It!

12 Nov 2010 Eco Obvious – Green and Proud of It!

Globe Guard Box with Green America logoWe often talk about eco obvious as making it easy for a consumer or package recipient to quickly and easily recognize eco friendly packaging materials. There is a slightly different application for the term when we are referring to making it obvious to the same consumers that we/you are a green company.

Why it Matters on Sustainable Packaging

We all tend to list or show affiliations, certifications, memberships, etc. on our web sites and brochures. Whether we call it transparency or building credibility, in this age of rampant greenwashing it is important that we confirm that we are different and “greener” than the other sources that are available for whatever we happen to sell.

We feel it is even more critical in our little corner of the eco focused world, packaging, because there are simply so many companies that offer or claim to offer the same products we do. They don’t, so it’s very important to us that you and your customers realize that. After all, our packaging is the very first thing they see, and in many cases it is the first real contact your customer has with you and your products. As I have said many times, the green market is always on guard and skeptical, so being consistent in what we say, even in the box we use, is important.

Preferred Packaging Supplier to Green America

We announced this honor in a press release last month, and the response from you, our customers, has been very congratulatory and supportive. It is a badge we wear proudly, so we are now printing and adding this news to the bottom of every Globe Guard 100% PCW shipping box. We think it says something very positive about our company as well as about our customers, the people who use them.

Thank you for helping to make Globe Guard an “eco obvious” solution to your packaging needs.