E-commerce Versatile DTC Packaging Design on Close Out-Sale

16 Jul 2020 E-commerce Versatile DTC Packaging Design on Close Out-Sale

Perfect for frames and plaques by Salazar PackagingOccasionally, when you see a sale on a DTC packaging product line, there is a unique, hidden gem included. Most will overlook it because they do not understand how to best utilize it. That’s the case with this unique tab lock mailer.

Unique Tab Lock die cut mailer – 11-1/8” X 8-5/8” X 7/8”.

Internally we have always referred to this item as the “label mailer” because that was the original application. It was designed and is perfect for shipping out 8-1/2” X 11” sheets of stock labels. Then a photographer used it to send out photos, proofs, and promotional material. A different customer decided it was ideal for sending out documents for signature or storage. It has been used for a variety of applications including pamphlets, thin (1”” or less) children’s books, and almost any other type of printed matter. The most unusual application it has been used for is for a folded tee shirt sent out to employees.

It has been around for a long time but it, along with all other Globe Guard® stock boxes are being eliminated from inventory. After current unprinted inventory is depleted at 25% below list pricing, it will only be available as a custom printed or unprinted product at a minimum order of 1,000.

Mailer features for DTC shippingoutside print ends up inside

It is easy to erect and fold for filling and sealing

It is made of 100% recycled content

It can be custom printed in the 1,000 MOQ mentioned above

One flaps folds in so it can show printing inside AND outside, but you only pay for one (outside) printing and only one print plate.  (see photo)

It features a tab lock for the most attractive presentation and unboxing experience.

It is easy to store and low cost to ship.

plain or custom printed, 1,000 MOQSlightly larger size also available: 12” X 9-1/2” X 1”

This is the same design, though slightly larger than the label mailer. It is not on clearance because it has never been a stock size but is available plain or custom printed at the same 1,000 MOQ. We have made extra long and extra high custom versions as well so no matter what size you need, we can create it for you.

If you only have a few sheets you are mailing out, you may be better served with one of our rigid flat mailers. If, however, you have something a little thicker to ship out, this may be an excellent solution. If you are interested, we can send you a sample to review and test. Let us know which size you prefer, and we will provide it if available.

Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 to speak with one of our branded packaging advisors. We will be glad to discuss your specific need and help you determine the best possible option for you.Ideal for shipping books and paper products

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