Custom-Printed Stock Mailer Boxes FAQ

23 Nov 2011 Custom-Printed Stock Mailer Boxes FAQ

Stock custom-printed 7x7x2 corrugated mailer

Stock custom-printed 7x7x2 corrugated mailer

We are very quickly becoming a leading source for stock size die cut mailer boxes that can be custom printed with YOUR name, logo, return address, etc. The photos included in this post show off two of our most popular stock mailer sizes that have been custom printed to create an attractive and unique look.

What’s the benefit of utilizing a stock size?

We are able to save our customers time and money if we can avoid making a cutting die and are able to use one of the dies we already have on hand. Depending on a number of variables, a new cutting die for a mailer of this type can cost $500 to $800. What is at times even more important is that using an already made die saves time, in most cases a minimum of one week.

What if your available stock sizes are not right for my product?

Please keep in mind what we show on our store as our “stock” sizes is just a small sampling of what we have available. Not all boxes we’ve manufactured are popular enough to justify adding or keeping them in stock. In addition, we also have access to a large inventory of “readymade” dies that we can use for you. As we always suggest, if you don’t see the size you want or need, please ask.

Isn’t it less expensive to print boxes that are already made and die cut?

Corrugated boxes that are already manufactured are not “imprinted,” which is essentially printing them after they are made. Corrugated board is typically “pre-printed” and then it is cut or converted into boxes. Most people don’t realize ALL printed boxes are run “custom” or separate. The second little known fact is that it is not as difficult as many “stock box sellers” often make it sound.

How can I reduce the cost of my printed boxes?

Custom-printed 9x6.5x2.75 stock corrugated mailer

Custom-printed 9x6.5x2.75 stock corrugated mailer

In spite of popular belief, two-color printing is not a lot more expensive than one color, so if that is going to make your boxes stand out, go for it. Number of colors, ink coverage and even board weight and grade will make a minor difference, but nothing impacts price like set up time. As I often tell our customers, “Ink is cheap, but set time is not.” Set up time is usually a fixed cost and it is amortized over the length of the run. The larger the run, the lower the impact of the set up cost. Conversely, the shorter the run, the greater the impact of that same set up cost.

The best way to reduce the cost is to order more of them. People are often surprised when they discover that they can buy, for example, 2,000 custom-printed boxes for not a whole lot more than, let’s say, 500 of the same boxes.

What about lead time? I am already late on my project!

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard that question, followed by that particular comment. We see people ordering plain, unprinted mailer boxes because they believe they don’t have time to custom print them.

Assuming we don’t need to make a cutting die, we can almost guarantee you shipment in two weeks, and that includes one week for the making of printing plates. BTW, repeat orders that have plates already made almost always ship in a week.

When you specialize in something like custom-printed stock size mailers, you tend to become very good at it, and we are. Please don’t hesitate to contact Salazar Packaging so we can show you what we can do for you.