Close Out Pricing on E-commerce, DTC Stock Boxes!

04 May 2020 Close Out Pricing on E-commerce, DTC Stock Boxes!

Die Cut Mailer Boxes on saleYour Opportunity to Save on Die Cut Mailer Boxes

After almost ten years of operation, our store is being totally retooled and one of the products being eliminated is our line of 100% recycled content e-commerce die cut mailer boxes. Over 98% of our business is now custom size or custom printed, as the demand for unprinted, “stock:” mailer boxes continues to dwindle. Basically, the vast majority of our customer base does not buy unprinted e-commerce boxes.

So, we are now offering the remaining inventory of stock die cut e-commerce mailers on sale for 25% off our regular prices. This pricing is good while quantities last with no back orders under 1,000 MOQ. This discount appears at check out and is applied after quantity discounts are also factored in so some of these prices are incredible!

Mailer Box Options for Customers

We do have a few suggestions for customer who love their Globe Guard® boxes:

  1. We can make unprinted boxes including 100% recycled content, specifically for you but our 1,000-order minimum would apply on most of our stock sizes. Only 17 unprinted sizes remain but we have cutting dies for nearly 200 other sizes that we can make to order.

2. If you have been thinking about custom printed branding, this would be a great time to make the change. The same 1,000 MOQ would      apply (on most sizes) and the one-time (one color) print plate charge will be waved for less than 25% ink coverage on most applications.

  1. Additional savings for you by taking advantage of this opportunity by purchasing in bulk. At some order size and point, palletizing your order and shipping it via LTL truck rather than UPS could dramatically reduce your shipping costs.

Thank you to our past Globe Guard® box customers

We are sincerely grateful to our past customers who have asked for 100% recycled content boxes. It is thanks to you that sustainably minded packaging is in most markets, considered almost “standard”. Many companies now offer 100% recycled content packaging and we like to think we helped create that demand thanks to our green minded customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or at our store: . Of course, you can always call us at 630-551-1700 to speak to one of our very experienced branded packaging advisors.

Thank you!

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