Posted on March 9, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

Blueland Selects Salazar Packaging for New DTC Packaging Design

Green DTC packaging solutions by Salazar PackagingGreen DTC Packaging Solutions

We are always pleased to receive a new challenging project because we view it as an opportunity to demonstrate our unique capabilities and how we utilize them to the benefit of our customers and clients.

Blueland makes a terrific line of eco-friendly household cleaners and products. Perhaps you have seen one of their TV ads. They also had nice effective packaging that they hoped to make less labor intensive, more attractive, and because of their customer base – as green as possible.

Modular DTC packaging design

By the time they engaged us, they already had a good idea of what they wanted. They were leaning toward modular design packaging that would easily accommodate their variety of products and container sizes and shapes. The question was how to best package the customer order variations in quantity.

The other objectives were to utilize as little material as possible to be consistent with their green products and to make each component easy to assemble to minimize packing and fulfillment time and expense.

What we helped create is a standard tray that can easily display and protect the bottle products in shipment, in some cases with secondary inserts, as shown in the photo. Then we created a variety of die cut shippers designed to hold either 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12 products.

A Difficult to Print Graphic Design

I know many companies would have walked away from the customer’s artwork. To the inexperienced eye, it looks simple enough. However, if you look closely, there are two potential issues.

First, many companies do not want to print white ink on Kraft board. That is something we have been doing successfully for years. The first related post below discusses how we do it despite two uncontrollable variables: the board porosity and the board color. Read the post to learn more but suffice to say we did not find this to be a major issue or problem.

dark blue is printed on the outside over unprinted Kraft board, and over white that is printed on that Kraft boardThe second potential problem was much more serious. If you look closely at the photos below, you will see that the same Blueland dark blue is printed on the outside over unprinted Kraft board, and over white that is printed on that Kraft board. On the inside, their dark blue is printed on white (the circle on the lid) and over their light blue color. That is a total of four different color combinations and the expectation is to have them reasonably close in color to one another. The proximity of these colors to one another also meant we had to hold registration as close as possible, ideally less than the industry standard plus/minus 1/8”.

Gratefully our printer did all the above and the boxes look great. We know that not just any company could have accomplished what we did on these boxes.

If you need some terrific household products, check out . If you have a difficult application you want to discuss with us,  contact us at or call us at 630-551-1700. Chances are, when others say no, we can help you produce the exact box you have in mind, at the lowest possible cost.


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