Blue Jean Box – a unique clothing web site with a unique, branded shipping container

25 Nov 2014 Blue Jean Box – a unique clothing web site with a unique, branded shipping container

Blue Jean BoxFor people who want designer jeans and accessories but don’t have time to shop or prefer to avoid the hassle of a crowded mall or overpriced specialty shops, Blue Jean Box is the place for you. Check out their neat web site and the great looking products that are only a mouse click away for you.

Unique E-commerce Packaging Requirements

The nice people at Blue Jean Box wanted a green, eco-friendly shipping container so it is not unexpected that they would select Globe Guard® boxes with our 100% recycled content, 100% recyclable corrugated board. Even when we upgraded their board to 200# test, we were able to keep the overall construction as green as possible.

Since their products and orders tend to be larger, they also required a custom size box that is 24”x16”x4”. The onetime cutting die cost was relatively insignificant when they determined the larger size box would enable them to avoid shipping multiple boxes to the same location while keeping the clothing unwrinkled by shipping them in overstuffed boxes.

Box closed with handleInside Only, Custom Printing

Blue Jean Box is the latest customer in a growing trend to print the inside of a die cut mailer, instead of or in addition to printing the outside. As I have said many times, the outside of any box being shipped tends to arrive looking dirty and beat up. By printing on the inside, especially on the inside lid as the Blue Jean Box people did, they are sure their message will not conflict with tape, labels or road grime.

Carrying Handle Optional

Since a box that large and potentially heavy can prove difficult to carry, we designed the container with an optional and removable plastic handle. (See photos) Easily and quickly inserting the handle into die cut slots make the box easy to lift and carry like a small suitcase.

Semi-custom versus Fully Custom Shipping Containers

Our semi-custom program uses stock size cutting dies and predetermined board weights to create low volume packaging (usually 1,000 to 5,000 boxes) without the delay and cost of custom tooling.

However, when you go fully custom like Blue Jean Box, you are able to select the exact size you need, the board weight that your product requires, and chooses from a long list of available options that will make your packaging perfect for your application and customers.

If you have any questions regarding shipping clothing or any soft goods, please do not hesitate to contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no cost, no obligation, and confidential discussion of your needs.

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