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01 Oct 2009 The Globe Guard Approach: Green, Greener and Greenest

Just when I start thinking I have said and written everything I possibly can about our Globe Guard eco friendly, 100% PCW shipping boxes, I realize I have missed something really important.

Our 3 Eco Friendly Choices for Corrugated Boxes

Our focus has always been on sustainability, combined with application. Each customer requirement is slightly different so it became necessary for us to have available three different types of board, as well as several different grades, so we could provide the best green product for any specific and challenging application.


[caption id="attachment_892" align="alignnone" width="325" caption="100% Recyclable"]100% Recyclable[/caption] For certain customer applications such as those requiring a white exterior on the box, no one is able to provide a product that is 100% PCW recycled content or even 100% recycled content. I have written several times on how a white exterior on any box requires a virgin (white) outer sheet so the greatest possible recycled content is 60 to 70%. It is important to note that this is still considerably better and greener than the average, “standard” box which is typically 30 to 40% recycled content.


[caption id="attachment_893" align="alignnone" width="325" caption="100% Recycled and Recyclable"]100% Recycled and Recyclable[/caption] Customers who use corrugated mailers often do so because they are looking for something a little more attractive than the average RSC style box. For those customers, appearance is every bit as important as function. Most customers are willing to forgo the outer, white (virgin) exterior in the interest of sustainability but they are not eager to compromise on appearance. We have determined that our 100% recycled content board enables us to die cut mailers just a little cleaner and neater so that is what we prefer to utilize for any die cut design.
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24 Sep 2009 Selling Boxes versus Selling Packaging

A good customer friend recently recommended us to a customer of his and referred to us as “a great supplier of eco friendly boxes”. Certainly that description is accurate in that we are probably best known for our unique, Globe Guard 100% PCW shipping boxes. However, there is a distinct and real difference between selling eco friendly boxes and selling eco friendly packaging.

Green Shipping Boxes and a Whole Lot More

When a potential customer calls us or visits our Globe Guard Products web store, they usually have a very good idea of what they want and if they find it there, they are able to point, click and the product they need will soon be in their hands. We are indeed a good supplier of green boxes but we also offer a large variety of other eco friendly products on that same site. This includes a large selection of box alternatives and quite frankly, you are not going to get that from your average box maker or seller. When a box is truly required to ship a product, we also understand the average customer also needs tape to seal the box, void fill to protect the contents and even labels to be able to address the box. Just in the area of void fill alone, we offer one of the widest varieties of loose, molded, paper and eco friendly plastic solutions. Each is in stock and we will gladly and enthusiastically explain the pros and cons of each product for your specific application.
[caption id="attachment_878" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Globe Guard product photo courtesy of Jeffery Levin"]Globe Guard product photo courtesy of Jeffery Levin[/caption] Stock versus Custom Corrugated
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08 Sep 2009 Eco Ed Has a New Home

[caption id="attachment_821" align="alignnone" width="350"] Eco Ed #1 – April, 2008[/caption] We are very glad to announce that as on this month, our cartoon series “Eco Ed” will be appearing in Packaging Digest’s digital and print versions. Is Sustainability Funny? Over a year ago, Eco Ed co-creator Brad Shorr...

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01 Sep 2009 We Buy It Green – A Free Shoppers Guide

The internet is well populated by websites offering green products. Sometimes they are products they manufacture, other times it is items that they simply distribute. Jay Kilby’s site, “We Buy It Green” is rather unique in that they sell nothing directly and serve primarily as a product guide for the eco minded shopper. With the holidays closer than we would all like to admit, I had the opportunity to interview Jay about his part-time project and full time passion.
DS: Jay I know your profession is being a school teacher so please tell us little about how, when and why you started your excellent website, jay-kilby-we-buy-it-greenJK: I teach a course called Contemporary World Affairs, and as I prepared for this course, I learned more about the significance of climate change and the growing green movement. At around the same time, I read an Atlantic Monthly article about how former President Bill Clinton was coming up with new ideas for creating private markets to promote public goods (like a clean environment) as a more effective strategy than simply relying on charity or government. I began to get ideas for a website that could do the same kind of thing by bringing eco-friendly merchants and shoppers together and providing the kind of information shoppers need in order to identify genuinely eco-friendly choices. DS: Your Green and Fair Trade Directory is an excellent resource. Please tell us about how products and companies qualify to be listed at no cost. JK: All products on our site must have some distinctive feature that makes them eco-friendly, or they must be certified fair trade products, or they must be sold by a merchant that practices fair trade. For eco-friendly products listed on our site, we check third-party resources, such as the Green America Responsible Shopper guide, to see whether merchants have a poor report card on fair labor practices; if so, their products are excluded from our site even if they are “green.”
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27 Aug 2009 Globe Guard Introduces 5 New Sizes of Green Shipping Boxes

[caption id="attachment_785" align="alignnone" width="355"]Five New Green Shipping Boxes Now in Stock Five New Green Shipping Boxes Now in Stock![/caption] It is often said that good things come in small packages. If that is true, we have just provided you with some great new ways to ship them in green, eco friendly, 100% PCW boxes. We discovered that our 6” cube box was still too large for some products, so we added a 4” and 5” cube. At the other end of the size spectrum we also added a 16”, 18” and 20” cube shipping boxes as well.

12 Stock Sizes of Cube Shipping Boxes

Our cube box line up now includes: 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 9”, 10” 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20” cube boxes, in stock and ready to ship immediately. Why Is It Important to Use the Correct Size Box? Using the smallest possible size shipping box offers many sustainable and economic advantages.
  • Obviously, cost. Typically the smaller the box, the lower the cost
  • The smaller box uses less tape to seal it
  • The smaller box requires less void fill product
  • In some cases it reduces shipping cost
  • A smaller box can reduce the required storage area
  • It delivers minimal packaging to your eco minded customers
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18 Aug 2009 When Eco and Comfort Clash

Tough Decisions for American Car Buyers

I think my commitment to green is being tested much like my patience is tried on an almost daily basis. The lease on my company car has run out and I am stuck in a frustrating state of indecision. Even after you decide whether or not the purchase of a new car is a wise thing to do in the current economic state, you are still left with a wide variety of smaller and even tougher decisions to make. American or foreign brand? toyota-priusThere has always been a part of me that prefers to buy American whenever possible but is that smart when so much of the domestic automobile industry is on the brink of failure? I am sure I am not the only potential car buyer concerned about warranties, parts availability and even resale/trade in value of some makes and models. For so long “foreign” meant manufactured in Europe or Japan but now manufacturers from China and South Korea are also working for their share of the US market, making good cars and tougher choices. Domestic manufactured or domestic assembled? Many of the foreign cars today are at least in part assembled in the U.S. so that line has become very hazy at best. I was surprised some manufacturers are doing assembly in Canada. That may not be domestic but I can hardly consider that foreign. Luxury versus practical?
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13 Aug 2009 Taking the Fear Out of Custom, Green Boxes

do not fear custom shipping boxesIt had been a while since I wrote on this subject but a recent experience reminded me it was time again. I spoke to a potential customer who wanted our Globe Guard, 100% PCW shipping boxes. The problem (he thought) was that he needed a different size and a heavier grade not listed on our green packaging, e-commerce site. Since the boxes were for the launch of a new, unproven product, he was concerned about having to order large initial quantities. I could see he was very worried about cost, especially when he admitted he would love to add his logo on two sides of the new box.
The fear left his face and he smiled when I told him none of his perceptions about custom size, custom grade, custom printed, green packaging were true.

When and Why Custom Grade, Eco Friendly Boxes Make Sense

Even though 32 ECT is the most popular grade, we know there are times when a heavier duty box is necessary. We offer a standard upgrade 44 ECT and have even worked with double wall construction designs when needed. The price jump from 32 to 44 ECT is usually less than 10% or in most cases, a few cents per box. This also puts to rest another old packaging wives’ tale – “my application is to tough for recycled corrugated board”. Nonsense! We can tailor the box thickness and grade to the application because we do not just offer what we have in stock. Custom Size Shipping Boxes We currently offer 24 of the most popular sizes on our green packaging store and that will increase to at least 30 in the next month or two. However, 50% of the boxes we sell are not stock boxes at all. We make them to our customers exact size requirements and have made as few as one hundred boxes for customers with a short run need. Don’t believe anyone who tells you you have to buy hundreds or thousands of boxes to get the size you need. We do it for our customers every day of the week. Those large internet and catalog companies who offer “hundreds of sizes in stock” are terrific but not if the size you need for your product is not on their stock list. Custom Print Shipping Boxes
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11 Aug 2009 He Never Met a Stranger

Joe Dutelle October 12, 1940 – August 5, 2009

joe-dutelleI am not sure who I should credit for that quote or if it is simply is a variation of something someone like Will Rogers might have said, but it was never truer than when said about my dear friend and mentor, Joe Dutelle. Joe was diagnosed early last week with terminal liver cancer and died suddenly on Wednesday, leaving everyone who knew him in shock. Rarely has anyone lived life as richly and deeply as Joe so his sudden loss left the many people who loved and respected him, stunned with an overwhelming need to say goodbye to a most unique and loving man. A Beautiful, Well Deserved Tribute I attended Joe’s memorial service last Friday and was honored when asked by his lovely wife Joanne to speak during his eulogy about Joe’s very successful career in packaging. Joe’s pastor spoke before me and I was followed by Joe’s youngest son Mark and his only daughter Nikki, both who under the circumstances did an incredible job of sharing their life with their dad with the crowd. What many people noticed was the amazing consistency of the comments made from four different people, with four different perspectives, speaking about four different facets of Joe’s life. All four of us speakers talked about Joe’s loving nature, as well as his unselfishness and willingness to share his time and extensive knowledge about almost anything at all. We all recalled Joe’s genuine warmth toward all people regardless of who they were or what they did for a living. In Joe’s mind and heart, the president of a company ranked equally with a bus boy or waitress and he treated everyone as if they were a long lost friend. Joe had a rare ability to make people feel important and loved, and not surprisingly they instantly loved him back. Traveling with Joe as I often did, was truly an experience. He would always make time to chat with people we met along the way, so we were often behind schedule but well ahead in terms of Joe’s purpose and passion. Business Is What We Do, Not Who We Are
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