Flexible Packaging Film and Bags

Are you using the best and lowest cost flexible material or bag for your application and equipment? Are you interested in using a more eco-friendly plastic film because of negative customer feedback?

Film technology is constantly changing; especially in the area of bio-plastics, that is why we, the plastic film experts at Salazar Packaging, are always looking at and evaluating new film structures to be able to help our customers optimize productivity and reduce their packaging costs.

Not all bio-plastics are good in terms of performance, availability or price, so for our green minded customers, we offer an application analysis to help reduce the amount of plastic resin being used, accelerate the decomposition of the end waste and in some applications, increase the amount of recycled content their products contain.

Custom printed AutobagsCLYSAR Group

Our film products include:

  • Automated Packaging Autobag®, clear, opaque and custom printed pre-opened bags on a roll including PE, PP and barrier bags
  • Automated Packaging Side Pouch® for high productivity situations requiring special bag closures and/or resealability with unique barrier films for food or other demanding applications
  • Automated Packaging Air Pouch® void fill and cushioning systems including air pillows and “bubble on demand” systems in recycled content, biodegradable and standard film structures
  • Hand wrap and machine wrap stretch wrap films for bundling and pallet wrapping. Click here to see stock films, gauges and widths.
  • Clear and printed polyethylene and polypropylene shrinkable and non-shrinkable films for applications such as horizontal bundling or vertical packagers
  • Bags, clear and printed including wicketed, die cut, re-closable, barrier and static shielding from hand loading or automatic bagging systems

Custom printed Clysar shrink filmsplain and printed AutobagsMachine Stretch Wrap -High Performance

Contact us or call us at 815-609-3600 to discuss your plastic film needs. Chances are we will be able to help you reduce your overall packaging costs while helping you deliver a greener package to your customers.